Ai generated art photo showing a conceptual image of an eye amidst many items that may be used contextually for artificial intelligence synthesis

Synthography: Ai Art's new definition of image synthesis

The latest and most advanced art form is automated image synthesis using artificial intelligence (commonly referred to as “Ai Art”). Users enter words into an input field and the software synthesizes a massive array of considerations to produce an image.

Ai is completely revolutionizing the field of art. 

The art market has been permanently disrupted, and there’s no going back. 

As we learn to embrace it, all will begin to appreciate how this new tool enables all to craft and create in ways never before possible.

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Welcome to our radical new reality. Buckle up.

What is truly occurring is beyond "Ai Art."
It's a core component of our evolution...

In forthcoming articles, we’ll explain how what is happening in the Ai evolution correlates with the expansion of the collective consciousness… and more importantly: what we can do to move with it. 

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This marks the end of photography as we know it. It’s synthography from here on. More…

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